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This is a Practice Gap Analysis Questionnaire.
It shows with laser focus where you are and where you want to be so that we can create a plan with crystal clarity on how to get you there.  

If you are serious about getting results and want to take the next step for a PRIVATE DISCOVERY CALL with me, then this is the place you need to be.
I don't work with just anyone.  I am very particular about the type of clients I agree to take on.  Are you truly committed?  If so, you are in the exact place to make that happen.
My team will be in contact with you to schedule that discovery call with me if  after reviewing your questionnaire, I feel we can help you get there.
Are you committed?
Please enter your name, practice name, office phone number, your business website, and your personal email address. *

What is the type of dental practice do you have?  What services do you offer? What advanced training do you have?  What have you accomplished?  What is the approximate yearly production of the practice? *

Are you the sole 100% owner of the practice? *

What is your current yearly production? *

What are your goals in the next 90 days.   List 3 short-term goals you would like to work on with measurable results for each. Keep these realistic but a bit of a stretch for you. *

What are your goals in the next 180 days: List 3 more goals you would like to work on by 6 months with measurable results for each. Keep these realistic but a bit of a stretch. *

What things are important to you: (pick your top 3, please) *

What have you done so far to market your business, to reach your BIG business goals, including what worked and what didn’t?  What are you doing on a monthly, consistent basis to get grow your practice? *

What has held you back or slowed your progress up until now (knowledge of marketing, time, competition, resources, your positioning in the marketplace, cash flow, confidence in self or project)? *

Are you considering selling or retiring in the next 3-5 years? *

How long do you see yourself in this practice? *

If we decide to work together, how capable are you at this stage to move forward, time wise and financially, to invest in your growth on a scale of 1 to 10 (1:  I don't have the time or money to invest in myself and practice right now to 10: Ginger, I have the time and resources to work with you on my practice...I am ready to go.  When can we get started) ? *

Results are an issue of personal responsibility. Are you ready and willing to make the changes necessary to achieve your goals? *

I appreciate your time, your honesty, and your commitment to your practice.  I promise you, I will be reviewing your responses personally and then someone from my team will be contacting you about the next step.  I look forward to talking to you more about how we can grow your practice easier and faster.